May 30, 2014

Recently Published: The Guardian, Australia Food Blog, Cooking with beer, ale and hearty ideas

A bit of a departure for me on this recent piece for Guardian Australia. Collaborating with two people who I have great professional respect for. Gerrard “Mitch” Mitchell, a Perth based chef, known by many as Beersine. His grasp of using beer in his food is second to none. Jess Shaver, an excellent Perth food photographer and a passionate beer advocate. The two recipes have beer matchings and a different level of time commitment required. The brisket involves a two day brine and a long slow cook. Worth every minute. If some of the ingredients aren’t immediately to hand I’d reccomend having a go with what you’ve got. I have foregone the Goji berries and the malt in the past and still had great results. You can read it here.

May 20, 2014

Are you a Keg Muppet?

I’m headed to Good Beer Week and GABS for some long overdue Melbourne beer action. That there will be fun times and beers aplenty is without question. I’m just wondering how many of these beer stereotypes I’ll come across – and more to the point – which one I am?

Sarah Warman (@sarahfwarman), is Digital Manager at BrewDog, trainee Cicerone and speaker of craft beer truths. Check out her YouTube channel, where she’s able to talk about beer without making me want to become tee-total. No mean feat in a beer world that gets a bit too serious, a bit too pompous… It’s beer folks, not a cure for cancer.

May 11, 2014

Recently Published: The Guardian, Australia Food Blog, Cooking with beer

I’m all for a steak and ale pie and I’ll never say no to fish and chips (whether beer battered or not), but beer as an ingredient is underrated. It’s changing with the work of pubs, bars, restaurants, brewers and of course chefs. With Good Beer Week coming up in Melbourne I wrote this piece for The Guardian, which I feel is a mere dip of the toe when it comes to beer and food. You can read it here.

May 10, 2014

Recently Published: The Guardian, Australia Culture Blog, Does MasterChef Australia need to change its ingredients?

For some of us, the lure of the Box is just too much. We have our pleasures, guilty or otherwise. For me, MasterChef Australia is somewhat on the guilty side. When it first started we caught the show in the UK. I’m a sucker for food TV, but the added draw of blue skies and Aussie optimism were too much to resist. Over the years, the show has continued, spawned competitors but for my money is still the best around, of its type. As it retruns for its 6th season I’m now an Australian resident, living under those blue skies. I wrote about the new season in The Guardian, Australia Edition. You can catch it here.


April 25, 2014

Recently Published: The Guardian, Wetherspoon pubs: soulless drinking pits, or a mainstay of the high street? for Word of Mouth

We’ve all been in one, all grumbled about one , but recently I realised that Wetherspoon are a partvof the pub landscape that cannot and should not be ignored. I was steeling myself for a vociferous backlash. It didn’t come. For many Wetherspoon is simply a place for good ale at decent prices You can read it here

February 19, 2014

Recently Published: The Guardian, Tastes of home in Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth is something I’ve been reading for quite a few years. With the move to Australia it’s been a link back to the UK and great food and drink writing. So, I was pretty chuffed to write about my tastes of home as I was headed back to the UK. There’s no better place to think and write than hotels, departure lounges and planes, To be honest (and slightly vain) I’m chuffed that it seemed to strike a chord with those in the same position. I’ve not yet read all the 1000+ comments but what I get from the ones that I have is the fact that the tastes that we crave are simple, homely and linked to memory, which is where I was coming from. You can read it here.


February 15, 2014

Recently Published: The Guardian, Perth Cheap Eats

The Guardian’s travel pages are some of the highest read of any travel website, anywhere. So this kinda adds some pressure when putting forth a 10 best list. Inevitably when you make a list of places to eat there’s going to be plenty that get missed out. Add in the criteria of budget and there’s added complication and objection. So as a precaution I left Australia on the day that the Perth list was published. Just in case the angry mob came banging at the door, demanding to know why I omitted the Red Teapot. Anyway here it is.

February 15, 2014


In the last of the four Perth films made with Tourism WA and Taste Master, Rich Keam, we go from beachside breakfast to the ‘burbs to a decadent Chateaubriand lunch in the city. Whitney Ng is Rich’s expert guide and proponent of #yolkporn. She does an excellent job and you must check out Dine Whit Me to get more of Whitney’s take on all things food. This series has been an eye opener. I already knew that Perth folk loved their city but it’s taken me by surprise that pretty much all feedback has been positive. The snide and the snark has been nowhere to be seen. A welcome and all to rare occurance online.


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