“I am a craft beer drinker”. It’s a simple statement yet for me powerful. Trawling Twitter as I do most mornings I hit upon a link to this from New Brew Thursday.

The more cynical side of me could have dismissed this. We all know that our cousins across the pond can get a little Oprah now and again. Yes they love to wave the flag and sing the anthem but today the cynicism was put to one side and I took this in the spirit in which it was intended. There is a simple truth, that craft beer, hands down beats the conglomerate brew that barely passes for beer. So yes, I AM A CRAFT BEER DRINKER…

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One Comment to “I AM A CRAFT BEER DRINKER… say it loud”

  1. We need more videos like this to fire up the small brewer like me to make and explore beer for what it is, a healthful, energizing, wounderful god given drink no longer for for bald bowlers or over enthusiastic football fathers, but a brew made for the people by the people!

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