Freo Three: The Monk Brewery & Kitchen, 33 South Terrace, Fremantle, WA

Completing the round up on my Freo Three is the Monk Brewery & Kitchen. It’s another place that I’d heard of well before even setting foot in Australia, let alone Freo. Back in the UK I am always slightly dubious of somewhere with Kitchen or Dining House or some other such term in in the title. My natural reaction is to question what is wrong with just terming yourself as a Pub? Isn’t it just a little bit poncey? But this is Australia and these kinds of pommey musings aren’t necessarily valid as while you’ve got the traditional pubs you’ve also got a move towards the micro’s whether purpose built or on an existing site with a proposition that is good food and beer together. And besides the weather’s warm, there’s beer so who cares what they call it! The open deck merges into the inside and looking out over South Terrace it’s easy to fall for the surrounds as well as Freo itself. In fact on this partuclar day I’d more than once voiced an opinion that selling up and moving to Freo wouldn’t be the worst move – and i’d not eve been drinking. Maybe there’s just hops in the air!

Matt Marinich of the Sail & Anchor praised the Monk in his recent Pub Diaries Q&A and i’m defintely with him on this one. Although my visit to the Monk was for one beer – in fact my last beer before heading to the airport – it had to be a winner. The Monk had eluded me on a few previous visits to Freo and I just wanted to get one in before I headed back. There’s a wealth of choice, brewed on-site under the watch of Head Brewer, Justin Fox, but it comes down between the Rauchbier and the Hibiscus Wheat Beer. It’s difficult and I turn to the waitress for an opinion. Her recommendation is the Hibiscus. She gives a convincing and knowledgeable  pitch and i’m easily swayed. I’m not disappointed as I take my first sips of my last beer. It’s a flavoursome final choice and I can’t say i’ve had Hibiscus in anything other than maybe tea; but it works for me. My only regret is that I can’t stay longer sample all the taps and the food… So I suppose i’ll just have to visit again.

The Monk Brewery & Kitchen, 33 South Terrace, Fremantle, WA

Freo Three: The Monk Brewery & Kitchen, 33 South Terrace, Fremantle, WA

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