The Black Dog, 112 Vauxhall Walk, SE11 5ER

I could be accused of taking this whole pub blogging thing to extremes, with lengthy and meticulous research trips. It’s a thankless task but if i’m going to offer a view then in the interests of fairness it must be done. I’m just about convincing myself! The research has paid dividends, in earned brownie points with ‘er indoors. Being Mothers Day and Lou’s mum being in the country I was charged with suggesting a venue. I settled on the The Black Dog in Vauxhall.

Overlooking railway lines and a barren looking park near Vauxhall Station the interior of the pub comes as a welcome surprise; with a mix of copper light shades, ornate stained glass centre piece above the bar and the odd theatre seat for good measure. On two previous visits I had seen the food coming out of the open kitchen and the praise of the punters. Lou and the family seemed pleased. It’s always good to hear that the research isn’t wasted. Service from the initial call to book was excellent, with the advice given that 20% discount is currently available on weekend internet bookings. The food was superb with hearty servings, crisp  and fluffy roast potato, homemade Yorkshire Pudding and horseradish with a real kick. I now need to get myself down for food to complete the research.

The Black Dog, 112 Vauxhall Walk, London, SE11 5ER

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2 Comments to “The Black Dog, 112 Vauxhall Walk, SE11 5ER”

  1. Is this what used to be The Lavender? On the edge of Spring Gardens?

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