Honest Burger, Brixton Village

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that can be the best or the worst. Take the humble burger. At it’s best – succulent, pink, tasty, unfussy and leaves you wanting more; not out of hunger but out of the sheer greed that a good burger can summon. At it’s worst a greasy chunk of disappointment. No fear of this at Honest Burger in Brixton Village as I’m told “we serve the Burgers pink… Is that ok?”. I nod a little too enthusiastically which may have my waiter thinking I’m one of the meat obsessives that flock here. Though this wouldn’t actually be a bad description as I’ve woken up with a burger craving and headed to Brixton hoping that the queue isn’t too long.


I’m usually an evening visitor to the covered avenues of what have gone from makeshift pop ups to local favourites. Saturday afternoons have an all together different feel as the long established businesses trade amongst their new neighbours.

A sign of how popular Honest has become is to look at the tables around me and the small crowd waiting for a table. To my left a young couple I guess are in the early stages of their relationship. She asks how he knows about this place and he cooly tells her he’s heard of it from blogs he reads. Minutes later he drops his cool as he gives the thumbs up to the waiter and through a mouthful says “it’s serious shit” almost choking in the process. The waiter has obviously seen this reaction before as he smiles and tips a knowing nod. To my right two friends chat about a flight one is due to catch later in the day and as they discuss plans for the months ahead it’s interspersed with revelations such as “is this rosemary on the fries…” and appreciative looks at the food being devoured.


I sit and soak up the reactions, drinking a large Sam Smiths Pale Ale and it just feeds my anticipation. I would like to say I play it cool when my burger and fries arrives but that would be a lie. I greedily suck the juice from the patty, do what I can only describe as a bacon sex face, lick my fingers and generally everything that I hate in other people. I’m eating alone (apart from the crowd around me) and I’m going to enjoy it to the full. The young couple next to me actually high 5 each other. On another day I’d be scathing but I’m close to doing the same to Brixton as a whole.

Honest Burger, Brixton Village

Honest Burger, Brixton Village