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May 25, 2012

Holborn Whippet, Sicilian Avenue, WC1A 2QH

As a Yorkshireman I’m used to the jokes about flatcaps and whippets. I’ve owned the former but unfortunately never the latter, though I can now enjoy a pint and ponder names for my imaginary mutt in a bar named after (Yorkshire)mans best friend at the Holborn Whippet.


Currently trialling in soft launch mode the service is slightly frantic (but very friendly) and there was a distinct lack of a staple IPA on my visit. It’s very early days and these are issues which I’m sure will get ironed out. Williams Bros Profanity Stout and Black Isle Porter hit the spot on my brief visit and I’ll definitely be back for a further visit once the kitchen is up and running; which promises Pizza and a Charcoal Grill.

Holborn Whippet, Sicilian Avenue, WC1A 2QH


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