An Old Fashioned Christmas

It’s here. Christmas Eve. As a kid I’d be close to spontaneous combustion with the sheer excitement. Would Santa bring my He-Man and Battle Cat? Would the Nintendo NES be under the tree in the morning? In my late teens and early twenties Christmas Eve was spent drinking myself to a crushing Christmas Day hangover. Sunglasses at Christmas lunch were commonplace. Now in my 30s it’s about a more refined evening of good friends, log fires, eclectic playlists and enough booze to last until New Year or Boxing Day depending how things work out.


As Richard Hawley croons…


It’s time to live the Don Draper fantasy… It’s Old Fashioned time.


Blended Whisky, a sugar cube, bitters, lemon slice, orange twist and slice is all that’s required over ice and with a cherry for good measure.

For those not quite ready for the hard stuff there’s a selection of local brews. Sharps, St Austell and Skinners are common enough but the finds so far have been the beers of Keltec Brewery and Holsworthy Ales.


As the bottles pile up it just leaves me to say have a Happy Christmas wherever you are and whatever you’re drinking.

An Old Fashioned Christmas