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January 6, 2012

Down in One, Down Under

Skulling a pint. You would think it would be a younger mans game right? The arena of students and rugby players? Some would hold it up as youthful disrespect for alcohol and the tenets of drinking responsibly. Well, Bob Hawke would have something to say. The 82 year old former Prime Minister of Australia, shows that age and status should never get in the way of downing a pint. Politicians the world over love to be seen electioneering in Pubs with a pint. I suppose they feel that it gives them some credibility with the electorate but is often as cringeworthy as kissing babies. Hhow many can do this! The world needs more elder Statesmen like Bob. 

January 13, 2011

The Lambassador

I always know that Australia Day and our first barbie of the year is approaching when Lou starts to plan the guestlist and food (this is no ordinary BBQ) and I get the annual Meister email explaining the meaning of Un-Australian behaviour; which is nothing to do with the cricket.

If this raised a smile, spare a thought for those less fortunate Aussies this year. No not their cricket team. Do what you can and donate a little.


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