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August 29, 2011

New York: Prime Burger, 5 East 51st Street btw Madison and 5th Avenue

“What’s good?”

“Err [waiters eyes roll upwards, but he stops short of slapping his forehead]… The clue is in da name… We’re Primeburger. We do burgers. We’ve been doing them since 1938… [leaning forwards] Y’know, we’re pretty good at them by now.”


To be fair the menu is extensive but we take his point and order two cheeseburgers. They are simple and no nonsense. Plain bun, good meat patty with your selection of toppings. As the waiter tells us “at Prime Burger, everything is a la carte”. It’s well regarded but probably not going to top any foodie best burger lists but for me the charm of Prime Burger would put it firmly on mine.

If proper New York banter isn’t enough, then the opportunity to live out a Mad Men fantasy should tip the balance. The 50s / 60s original decor could be lifted straight out of the show with Don Draper sat drinking coffee and contemplating life over the days second packet of cigarettes. It’s an authentic slice of New York which shouldn’t be missed. If you are not sold at this point I’d suggest the nearest Wendy’s and ask you never to darken this blogs doorstep again.



Prime Burger, 5 East 51st Street btw Madison and 5th Avenue


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