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March 15, 2012

The Hyde Park Hotel, 331 Bulwer Street, North Perth

The Hydey is a legend of the Perth music scene. One of those pubs that fostered the ambitions of bands that wouldn’t otherwise emerge from the bedrooms and garages of WA. Everyone I speak to enthuses about the Hydey they knew – a dark, graffiti strewn mosh pit come pub.

The Hydey that I visit is far from this description. It’s undergone an expensive corporate refurb which to me has stripped it of any character it may once have had.

I think about the venues, both dives and otherwise that I’ve known, where for a couple of quid you get entrance and the possibility a gig you’ll remember for years to come and discovering a band that becomes part of your soundtrack. Places like the Luminaire in Kilburn, the old Bardons Boudoir in Dalston (both now silent) and countless others. I feel a strange degree of sadness for the loss of a place I never knew and the ones I did.


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