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March 1, 2011

Proud of British Beer

I’m all for championing British brewers and those at the other end of the chain who sell it to me. So the release of the SIBA Proud of British Beer film was something that piqued my interest. The 5 minute film I assume is to act as a rallying call for support of producers, suppliers and retailers. Great you might think? Well not quite. The idea I support. The execution I find lacking. Taking the much copied Greg Koch template of I am a Craft Brewer falls flat. I enjoyed the original. It’s what our American cousins do well. I enjoyed I am a Craft Beer Drinker homage. By the time I got to the I am a… Homebrewer, Canadian Craft Brewer, Ontario Craft Brewer it was getting old and this was 8 months ago! So it’s a shame that a nation known the world over for innovation couldn’t come up with something original, that didn’t rely on stiff collars, upper lips and even stiffer dialouge. I don’t want to see a re-hash of something that’s been copied to the point of parody. I’m just thankful that the budget didn’t allow them to shoe horn a couple of Sptifires in for good measure. Anyway, see what you thinkā€¦

Perhaps you think it’s spot on and I’m off the mark? It will doubtless appeal to some but wouldn’t an original offering actually have been more effective, interesting and relevant?


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