Nelson Sauvin, the spontaneously combusting Detective…

The beer world to some is fragmented – whether it’s the Keg Crusaders versus the CAMRA Faithful, the Brewdog backlash (an almost monthly occurrence it seems) or arguments of what Craft Beer actually is. Strip all this back and there is one thing that unites – we all love beer and we all love hops.

Hops to put it simply – are cool. Sat in a session at European Beer Bloggers Conference ’12 (if it’s your first time here – yes we have conferences!) I didn’t realise how cool – but then should I actually say cool? Or should I say hops are hot?  Bearing in mind their ability to spontaneously combust? Whether it’s hot or cool I think you get the point – hopefully.

For me the joy of hops goes beyond the obvious matter of taste – it goes to words – the reason why I write.

Amarillo, Bravo, Chinook, Sorachi Ace,  Challenger, Apollo, Opal, Saaz, Nelson Sauvin – they could be a phonetic alphabet of beer, a military arsenal, character in a pulp novel or an indie band. They intrigue me, beguile me and are often part my undoing.

So the simple question is this. Tell me your favourite hop, whether it’s a taste thing or as random as looking in the Racing Post and picking by name alone – whether your a seasoned beer drinker or not – use the comments below, Twitter @thepubdiaries, email or carrier pigeon and let’s see what we get.

Nelson Sauvin, the spontaneously combusting Detective…