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May 7, 2013

Social status: should it be a concern

Going from being an employee to self-employed and from corporate to creative, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my social status. It’s not a case of what I’m driving, labels or where I’m being seen. I am talking about my online image.In this freelance world where you feel like you hustle for the next job there’s an added appreciation of your social (media) status. I’ve become more concerned with how many followers on Twitter I’ve got, my Klout score and other social ratings. When you spend much of your day online it increasingly becomes one of your benchmarks.I noticed the other day that my blog had bounced to number 5 in the ebuzzing wine and beer chart. I should be pleased right? Well, I was surprised and pleased to an extent but then it made me think, really what had I done that differently. My ebuzzing (formerly Wikio) rating is like an erratic EKG. It bounces from highs to lows in single months leaving me baffled as to really what effects it and ultimately should I be that bothered by a fleeting online ego massage? As I may be number 5 now but next month, I’ll probably be mid table or below. What difference does it make that an algorithm ascertains that you have a higher degree of influence or status online than someone else? Does it make your online relationships and interactions anymore interesting, witty or valid? No. I don’t think it does. Does it influence someones decision to commission you? I couldn’t say. I’m told it can but to date I’ve seen no evidence of this. What’s your view on the world of online status?

April 29, 2013

Meet Offshoot Creative…

I mentioned some months ago about a new business. A partnership with the other half, creating content for businesses and organisations in WA and beyond. I’ve been quiet on this front since but that’s not to say that we’ve been sat twiddling our thumbs. We are Offshoot Creative and thought it only polite to say hello. Hello.

Work is underway or complete on various video and social media content projects (the labours of which we hope to share soon) as well as consulting with organisations on how best to present themselves in the social space. It’s been a great start, collaborating with forward thinkers and creative go getters; but we are always looking to talk to people about new projects. People who like the thought of doing something a little different. So go old school and get in touch or stalk us on Facebook and Twitter. Either way, we hope to speak to you soon.


March 29, 2012

F*** your blog

Anyone who regularly blogs, whether in a space like this or via Twitter will have those moments where they’re challenged by family, friends, co-workers or total strangers. The question will often be variations on why and what? Why do they blog, what do they get from it, why do they think their opinion is valid, why they do something which is essentially unpaid (I often get asked whether I make money from blogging… My answer is a piggy snort and a I wish). It’s often those who don’t read blogs, whose only exposure to Twitter is mainstream reports using tweets, whether that be the Arab Spring or a D-Lister flashing his bits via DM. Where I can, I try to explain and without sounding pompous, educate. I was once a sceptic myself but now I’m an advocate for social media – done well. Which is to say interesting and engaging.

I’m learning and at times I’ll get it wrong but I try to stick to a few basic rules and often censor myself. It is what I’d call my f*** your blog moment. The reference being to a t-shirt I saw a few years back which said just that. It comes down to the fine line between blogging output which satisfies your audience and output which is just self satisfying. The sentiments of that t-shirt have spread. With the launch of a new burger range, Grill’d, an Aussie burger chain, are declaring war on Foodies and celebrity chefs. The company say on their website (of the their burgers) that foodies love them but we really don’t care what they have to say…because we made these delicious burgers for YOU.

courtesy: mumbrella

It’s tongue in cheek – the PR stunt not the burger – but opens an interesting debate about how we blog, what we blog, how much we blog and whether it’s relevant to our audiences and those we blog about. I’d like to hear your views whether a blogger, or not, you own a business, or not… You get the picture.

March 12, 2012

Q&A: Tiffany Waldron, Beer Girl Bites

This weeks Q&A catches up with Melbourne’s Tiff Waldron of Beer Girl Bites. Don’t get on the wrong side of her or you may witness #beergirlrage.


Your blurb…

I’m originally from Pennsylvania, but I’ve been living in Melbourne for 4+ years. Ever since getting into wheat beers when I was out of college (and could therefore afford to drink beers that weren’t being sold for $1), I’ve been on the lookout for better beers. Trips to Colorado, where my brother went to school, really cemented this journey – with all the brewery tours and craft beer in Boulder and Denver, it’s hard not to take notice. Moving to Australia was a bit of a culture shock – 4 years ago any microbrewed beer was hard to find – even the ‘craft’ beers from the big breweries weren’t easy to get your hands on. Then I found a few places I could get local beers, and it’s been all uphilll from there.

Beer epiphany…

In college, we had a local pub with a pretty incredible beer list. The ceiling was covered in mugs with people’s names on them – and the only way to get one was to drink one of every beer on the beer list. They had this ancient PC in the back of the bar that documented each one – so you couldn’t cheat. And we only turned 21 with (at most) 4 semesters to finish the list. It was a badge of honour to get one of those mugs…bI never even came close to finishing, but it was the first time I tried beers because other people had been talking about them. There was the ‘bacon beer’ Schlenkerla Rauchbier and the ‘chocolate milkshake beer’ Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. It was the latter that got me drinking dark beers, and thus evenutally inspiring #beergirlrage (but that’s a whole other story)*.

Best beer find of the year…

It would be a toss up between Bridge Road and Nogne O collaboration India Saison, the Feral Barrel Fermented Hop Hog and the special ‘Women of Australian Beer’ Ninkasi’s Angel (which I suppose is the closest I’ve ever gotten to brewing).

Which brewers do you look up to…
Jayne Lewis from Two Birds — she left her job as head brewer at Mountain Goat to start her own brewery. A beer made by all women, that markets to women without being feminist or offensive – plus, it’s good beer.

Pub heaven…

All craft beer taps, live music, and a beer garden where it’s always sunny.

Pub hell…

Dance music, girls in glitter, and light macro beers

Favourite local pub…

The Local Taphouse in St. Kilda – the obvious answer, really.

Favourite non local pub…

Every pub in Boulder, CO? But since I remember so few of them, The Brew Works is the local brewpub where I grew up – it’s the first place I really did tasting paddles and tried seasonal beers, so it holds a special place in my heart.

What advice would you give any new brewer…

Don’t underestimate the power of engaging with your customers. These are the people who will go out and get all their friends, and their friends’ friends, to drink your beer. People are going to buy beer they know — and if they’re talking with you on Twitter, Facebook, etc – they’re going to be far more inclined to drink your beer.
Plus, who doesn’t love talking about beer?

What’s on the horizon…

Helping local breweries realize how much using social media can help raise their profile and increase sales – and hopefully finding a place where I can do this full time soon.

*#beergirlrage is a term used by the girls in Melbourne who drink good beer. It is often brought on by stereotyping, uneducated men who make comments like: ‘girls don’t like dark beer’ or ‘did you want a cider?’ or ‘are you sure you want that super hoppy double ipa?’


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