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January 12, 2012

Timeshift: The Rules of Drinking

It’s the TV treatment that we’ve been waiting for. An intelligent, humorous and objective look at Britain and it’s drinking culture. I didn’t catch it last night when it was aired as I was in a pub observing some of the rules myself. Catching up on iPlayer it took me back to memories of one of my first jobs in a Working Mens Club. An archive piece from the late 50s brought a smile to my face as members debate on whether to allow access to women. That same debate was still raging in 1995 when I was “Lad on’t door”

It was a balanced look at how drinking culture has developed without resorting to hysterical politically motivated posturing about the evils of alcohol. Thankfully there weren’t any politicians amongst the contributors. Featuring amongst others is Pete Brown enjoying a pint at The Jolly Butchers. You can catch his take on it here. There is surely a whole series in the Rules of Drinking but sadly we probably won’t see anything like this in a hurry. Give it a view and tell us what you think (for those outside the UK the iPlayer link may not work – i’m told there’s a way around it – if you know please post here).



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