Obligatory Burger Post: The Luxe, Commercial Street

 There was a time, pre Crunch, that lunch was often more than just a sandwich from Pret. These days lunch is homemade, but once in a while I just need my burger fix. I’m not talking Burger King. I’m not talking Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I’m talking about something a little more upscale. For me this is The Luxe…  it’s pretty much a Friday thing but given a bad morning and no salad in the fridge and Tuesday is suddenly Friday.

It seems to be de riguer for a blog to have at least one burger posting but to date I don’t think I’ve heard enough about The Luxe, which seems strange given its link to John Torode and prominent Spitalfields location. Maybe the proximity to Hawksmoor; which gets the foodie vote with a fervent blog and Twitter following is a reason, but their burger lunch special at about £5 more just didn’t outshine the Luxe for me. That last sentence for some may be sacrilige. I just hope i’m not put on a foodie watchlist and barred from entering Hawksmoor (as the steak is something I dream and drool over). 

We’ve now stopped checking the menu on visits to Luxe as it always comes back to the simple burger. You can opt for egg and all the fixings but for me it’s about keeping it simple; as if the absence of a fried egg and bacon can justify a glutonous lunch washed down with a pint or two. It doesn’t fail to please, built around a great burger, a brioche bun and just the right amount of crisp, well sized chips. Oh and not forgetting the generous pickle. Can’t forget the pickle. What more could you you want?

109 Commercial Street, E1 6BG

Obligatory Burger Post: The Luxe, Commercial Street

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