2011: The List

I’m as guilty as most in making resolutions which don’t make it past the second week of January so this year I’m not calling them resolutions. They’re simply The List. I’m a great lover of lists. I can spend hours procrastinating over them, when I should be getting on and doing the stuff on the list.

I’m not going to share the full list (it may give too much away) but this will give a feel for how I want my year in blogging to pan out. In no particular order my focus this year will be:

Travel. Trips are already planned to Denmark, the States, Islay and a good few others. Not to mention a wealth of posts from a recent trip to Australia.

Training. For the Coast to Coast. Ok so this is kind of travel as well albeit at a slower pace. As someone recently said, it’s a great excuse to spend a few weeks in Pubs after a “bit of a walk”.

Tasting. This one goes without saying. Whether it be craft beers, ales, whisky or wine.

So pretty much the three Ts. Add to this a bit of homebrewing and this should be a busy year.

2011: The List

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