2010: The ones that got away

While posting yesterday about plans and thoughts for 2011 I realised that there were a few posts that got away from me in 2010. Fellow bloggers will doubtless have a heap of drafts that for whatever reason don’t reach you pushing publish. For me it’s often that I just can’t quite do justice to a situation or simply that time passes and I have new posts in mind. I then months later kick myself for not persevering. So to save me any further self flagellation here’s a selection of 2010 highlights that for whatever reason got away.

Rosebud, 11 bis rue Delambre, Paris… We all have our view of Parisien waitrs whether from experience or stereotype. A quick round of Dirty Martini’s and Whisky Sours looked as if to reinforce the stereotype, until the nose came out! With the skill of a circus clown the nose went on. A round to be remembered and a bar which we will visit again and again.

Berlin was the scene of a Supperclub farewell to Meister, before heading off for Oz. Basically four days of lots of beer and meat with Captain English as our guide of the best of East and West. There was the odd Karaoke debut, which the written word just doesn’t do justice too, and I’m assured the video evidence will not see the light of day (or YouTube). My rendition of The Gambler, Meisters take on Wild Thing, English’s Edwin Collins are all safely held by Silvio (under threat of legal action). We may have to return to the Punk bar, the name of which was annihaliated by the whisky, for another performance. If just to hear Silvio sing Kylie again.

Schleusenkrug, Tiergarten, Berlin: If there is a better place to quench a thirst than a Berlin beer garden then I don’t know it. After hours of criss-crossing Berlin on a Fat Tire bike the Schleusenkrug offered everything you could want: beer and pretzel.

Just a few of those that got away…

2010: The ones that got away

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