Q&A with Lee Williams: GBGH Brewing & Hoptopia

The Q&A this week is back over to the other side of the Pond. We hear from the other half of the GBGH Brewing crew and Hoptopia honcho, Lee Williams. Possibly the busiest man in beer.

What’s most likely to be heard on brewday, in the pub, when writing?

Brewday: Asking, my girlfriend (Stevie Caldarola – the brewer) – “What’s the Hop Schedule?”

Pub: Asking, anyone I happen to be sitting next to – “What are you drinking?”

Writing: Asking, my girlfriend – “Is there anymore coffee?”

Favorite place to enjoy a beer – locally, further afield?

Locally: Rattle N Hum, Manhattan, NYC – the only place in all NYC that really gets craft beer – the place isn’t pretentious and gets the freshest beer. 44 taps that are clean and have a high turn over.

Further afield: Falling Rock, Denver, Colorado – a true, real beer, Holy Grail.

If not for beer I’d be…

Back in the music business, promoting new artists and writing about them – it’s the only other “world” I understand, and am remotely at home in besides, beer.

Definition of a perfect pub?

The one I will one day build and manage!

Beer or Pub hell?

Any place that isn’t enlightened enough to have even one real ale or craft beer on tap – it’s 2011, get with program… if you want to still be in business in 2013. If not, that’s your choice and you can’t complain when you file for bankruptcy. Slaves to macro beer and macro way of thinking in general, are doomed.

What was the last thing you got excited about?

Right now, I’m excited about trying to figure out how I can get my hands on 2 bottles of Närke Kaggen! Stormaktsporter, an exceptionally rare Swedish Stout – only available at a few places in that country. I thrive on challenges, life is so dull without them.

Whats happening?

Moving to Denver to pursue a career in the craft beer industry – we’re moving early Summer.

Lots more Hoptopia; it’s my baby – I love writing about beer.

Helping my girlfriend perfect a book of stellar beer recipes that will be GBGH (Go Big or Go Home) Brewing’s first commercial offerings in 2013 or 2014.

Q&A with Lee Williams: GBGH Brewing & Hoptopia

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