Franco Manca, Brixton

So a little diversion from pubs and beer as man cannot live by beer alone. A shocking revelation I know. He or she (we’re all for the sisters here at Pub Diaries) also needs sustenance and what better than Pizza. It’s much abused in the UK whether you are talking about the local kebab-come-burger-come-chippy-come pizzeria or High Street chains, churning out doughy monstrosities that would have the most macho Italian weeping. There are the exceptions and wherever I go I have one benchmark. Brixton institution Franco Manca. It’s a simple formula. Sourdough base, great ingredients and great service. They have a swankier Chiswick outpost but for me sitting in a Brixton indoor market is how it’s beat served.


The pizza is available as takeaway and opening seems to be dictated by the market times, so Thursday evenings and daytimes are your opportunity to get your fix.


Franco Manca, 4 Market Row, Brixton, SW9 8LD

Franco Manca, Brixton

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