Know Your Apples: Cider Tap, Euston

There was a time when Cider was my drink of choice. When I would happily guzzle pints of Woodpecker and Strongbow until I felt queasy and yes now and again painted the pavement with my nights consumption. I was, I’ll add, a teenager. Back then, if you had placed most “proper” ciders in front of me I’d have laughed at the flat, cloudy pint and demanded my fizzy muck. I’m a little older and hope to say a little wiser but cider is pretty much still a mystery to me. Stood in the Cider Tap in Euston I’m flummoxed. Cue helpful American barmaid, who does a great job of making a recommendation and we are not displeased with the result. Perhaps she’s just glad that we don’t tell her she’s got an accent as seemed to be the standard response.


The sister of the Euston Tap is still a work in progress with banging heard from upstairs and stock piled in the upstairs area but I’m told (via Twitter) that it’s going to do for Cider what the Euston Tap opposite did for Craft Beer. If I was in pedantic mood I’d suggest that this may involve precariously manoeuvring pints of cider up a spiral staircase (the two Taps being opposite each other in identical gate houses). I’d actually say that the Cider Tap will do more than it’s established twin, which by no means was the first on the scene, but this feels like it is. Sure you can get a good range of Ciders else where but this has the craft vibe to it that is doubtless some part of the craft beer surge in recent years.

Although I won’t be diverted from the Euston Tap that often I’ll definitely be back for a little more education.

Cider Tap, Euston Road, NW1 2EF

Know Your Apples: Cider Tap, Euston

2 thoughts on “Know Your Apples: Cider Tap, Euston

  1. Heh. What did the Euston Tap do for craft beer that The Rake didn’t? I’m glad we have both these places but really. London has craft beer bars because The Rake blazed a trail, not because of the Euston Tap…

    1. I did take exception at the time about the Soundbite quality of their tweet. Tony replied to say he hadn’t sent the offending tweet. A case of an over eager intern perhaps?

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