2011: A Quick Salute

I can’t resist the temptation of wheeling out the old Blogger cliche of a roundup of the year. A quick salute to the great and the good of 2011.

I realised when cobbling this roll call together there is so much that i’ve done this year that hasn’t made it to these pages yet. Hopefully something that will be put right soon. These are my highlights, but I’d like to know yours. You know where the comments box is!

Best Pub… All roads lead to Leather Lane.  Craft Beer Co., has this one hands down. It’s the place I most eagerly anticipated visiting and to date have not been disappointed with. The ready availability of Mikkeller pushes it out front.

Best Beer (oh hell and Brewery)… Anything by Mikkeller. It was a close one. In another mood it would have been anything by The Kernel Brewery, but the Dane just pips this one.

Best Sunday LunchThe Cross Keys, in Leeds. I’d had a spate of mediocre London lunches which had left me underwhelmed. It took a trip North to restore my faith. If Craft Beer Co or Mikkeller did a Sunday lunch they’d have possibly bagged this one as well.


Best Bar SnackThe Pearsons Arms in Whitstable. Long strips of deep fried Pigs Ears. What more can I say?

Best BloggerBoggle About Beer. I’ll admit without shame that this is due to Boggle’s specific recommendations for San Francisco. More from Boggle in coming weeks with the return of the Pub Diaries Q&A.

Best Tweeter@HERMANOPRIMERO the Mild loving half of Dos Hermanos. Says it as he sees it. If you find pleasure in curmudgeonly outbursts, this is for you.

Best Barfly… well there were too many in 2011, to pin the title on one… more about theses characters in upcoming posts.

So that was my 2011… how about yours?

2011: A Quick Salute

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