The Kernel goes to Kortrijk

What do you buy Belgians for Easter? This was my dilemma of the week. Heading to Kortrijk for the weekend and a meeting with Lou’s Belgian family I’m left scratching my head. I consult the Belgians I know and I feel they are left scratching their heads too.

Chocolate is their answer, then hesitation, before I’m told “but not your English chocolate”. Taking chocolate to Belgium wherever I get it from just doesn’t seem right. A few coffees, a bit of surfing the web and lots more head scratching and I have my plan. I’ll take coals to Newcastle. Or in in this case beer to Belgium; more precisely Kernel to Kortrijk. I’ll be presenting this to my hosts and hoping that they approve.


It seems apt, as on first meeting Lou’s mum I went to The Kernel to buy a selection. Something to give a little taster of what makes me tick. Buying direct from Evin O’Riordan he advised to “go big” and not shy away from offering up beers that would test the palate. It’s perhaps different with 7 Belgians and I’ve got a clutch of India Pale Ale and Pale Ale of different hop batches. This time it wasn’t direct but from Oddbins at London Bridge. Special mention to them for tweeting me a list of what they had in stock. That really is social media done well in my book.

I’m strangely nervous about the reaction I’ll receive. I mean, an Englishman turns up in West Flanders trying go bring something new in respects to beer. This could be a spectacular coup or a crushing failure. What’s your bet? All will be revealed next week.

The Kernel goes to Kortrijk

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