My Belgian Triple

From my last few posts you’d know that I spent Easter in Belgium. I realised this morning that i’d not made any comments about the beers I’d most enjoyed apart from the odd Tweet amidst the bottles. One of the first things our hosts did as we arrived was ask when we wanted to go to the beer shop. At this point they didn’t know of my love of beer – just Lou’s – and I knew at this point the weekend was going to be a success.


First up is the two Blonds. Wolf 7 from Lupus Brewery and Omer from Bockor Brewery. I’m not inclined usually to a Blond (in beer or in life). These two were new to me, a favourite of our host and probably the preferred by the table if the empties were anything to go by. I hope to see them in London soon.

Prearis Quadruple from De Proef Brewery. Possibly the most surprising of the three. Dark, malty and with a little sweetness, it’s potent at 10% but not too thick for my tastes. It was crowned best hobby beer of Belgium in 2011 and now brewed by De Proef a contract brewer. The thought that a hobby beer club can produce this is a real eye opener.

It’s only a small selection. Here are a few that are worth a picture.


As a footnote, if you find yourself in Kortrijk, without the benefit of a Belgian family to provide amazing hospitality, head to Gains Bar a great spot with outdoor seating and an amazing beer list.

My Belgian Triple