Japanese Scotch Egg: Tsuru Sushi, Bishopsgate

I’ve always found the concept of the lunch tweet a little weird. There are people on my Twitter feed who I have never met nor will ever meet, yet I know every lunchtime what they’re tucking into. I sigh and my finger hovers over the unfollow button which perhaps makes me a tad hypocritical as I found myself the other day sharing my lunch with Twitter. I felt a compulsion to tell people how good the Tsuru Scotch Egg is. Twitter listened and so I’m sharing it with you.

I can’t resist a Scotch Egg at the best of times whether hard boiled supermarket fare or freshly made and slightly runny. Add a Katsu curry sauce and rice and I’m anyones.


A shichimi sea salt mix with added kick provided a salty edge best washed down with a crisp Asahi. Whether the Scotch Egg has a Japanese equivalent I’m unsure (please comment if there is) but this is up there with the better pub efforts I’ve had and although the curry sauce sounds like a strange Asian twist on a classic it works.

Tsuru Sushi, 201 Bishopsgate (off Primrose Street), EC2 4AB

Japanese Scotch Egg: Tsuru Sushi, Bishopsgate

Hey Amigo: Moo Grill, Cobb Street, E1


is the greeting as you enter Moo Grill. At a cheesy Mexican chain it would have me cringing and heading for the door, but here it’s sincere, authentic and with no hint of a corporate handbook. To be found between the City and Whitechapel, this Argentinine café bar specialises in tasty Lomito (a simple steak sandwich) and other quick Latin inspired snacks.


It’s become a regular stop, offering great value and genuinely friendly service. A simple Lomito (with lettuce and tomato) is served with homemade fries and soft drink for just £5.90. The steak is tender and best served with a liberal helping of chimichurri sauce.

Breakfast is yet untested but with the value of lunch its sure to be before long. So what are you waiting for Amigo’s?

Moo Grill, 4 Cobb Street, London, E1 7LB

Hey Amigo: Moo Grill, Cobb Street, E1