The Stanley, 294 Cambridge Street, Wembley, Perth

The small bars of Perth are the closest thing for me to the pubs I love back home. Characterful, independent and not a bottleshop or TAB in sight. The Stanley in Wembley typifies what I like. It’s mismatched chic and indie soundtrack are perfect for Sunday drinking. If we didn’t have dinner plans the option of a Flipside burger delivered from next door would take the edge off working through their small but well formed beer list.


The bottled choice seems more interesting to me than the German draught option and by far the highlight is the Endeavour 2011 Reserve Amber Ale.


It’s described as “rich and full with slightly toasted caramel and spiced resinous aromas that combine with sweet brooding dark fruits to deliver a layered and complex bouquet… The palate is malt driven and full bodied. Layered with herbs, cinnamon and a warm earthiness, it is balanced by assertive bitterness and fine minerality. Complex and refreshing, herbal, whilst still retaining the citrus and passionfruit acidity”… And my verdict? Yeah what they said.

The background of Endeavour seems to be mainly wine based which in a country with such an industry you can see the natural move that people would take from grape to grain.

The experience of drinking beer at The Stanley is more akin to a winery as well with the stemless wine glasses making me savour not swill. On my returns to Perth it will be a regular haunt I’m sure.

The Stanley, 294 Cambridge Street, Wembley, Perth