London Film Festival: quick drinks, cheap eats ending in Carnage

So The London Film Festival is upon us. The time of year when cinema seems to take over my calendar. I usually avoid Leicester Square at all costs, preferring my cinema going a little less crowded and frankly cheaper. This isn’t an option during the festival with the bulk of screenings on the Square.

With an hour and a half to spare we head for a quick drink and some cheap eats. Soho isn’t my normal destination and without Lou I’d probably end up half way to Trafalgar Square. We squeeze into the French House for a swift half and a drop of vino. A true Soho Institution, where beer is served by the half pint and the walls tell the story.

Watered we head to Bi Bim Bap on Greek Street. Named after this icon Korean dish, served sizzling and best mixed for maximum flavour it’s the ideal quick and cheap Soho stop. A bottle of Hite washes it down for about a tenner each.

My first screening of the year is Carnage. As the lights come down I know no more about it than that it’s Roman Polanski’s latest. This is how I’d ideally watch most film. Without expectation of what I’m about to see. So I’m loathe to tell you the plot. I’ll just say the performances build to be wonderfully comic, John C Reilly fast becoming a benchmark of a must see.

A perfect Soho evening, I’m just hoping that the rest of the festival lives up to it.

London Film Festival: quick drinks, cheap eats ending in Carnage