In Transit: Tiger Signature Bar

So this is a new experience. Blogging against the clock. I’ve got 10 minutes free internet use at Changi, a dead iPhone and only a few minutes to cobble together some thoughts that when read back or read by you may seem a little disconnected. I’ve been up now for close to 26 hours or is it 28; i’m not quite sure. I cannot sleep on planes it seems and so I spend the flight to Singapore watching movies that I didn’t know existed – a “comedy” starring Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson about extreme birdwatching. I hope someone has seen it an can verify that this wasn’t the first stages of sleep deprivation. Tell me it exists!

Anyway that’s a bit of context as I emerge from my flight disorientated, tired and in need of something cold to sate my thirst. Free wifi and 4square tell me that there’s the Tiger Signature Bar just 4 metres away. Perfect. I scan around me and tucked behind a concession stand I find it. I take a seat, order my beer – Tiger of course. There’s ESPN showing a Rangers press conference (Ally McCoists weary face looking down at me in triplicate). There’s an American talking into his iPad about golf, massages and his relationship with whoever is on the other end of his iPad (with another 10 hours of now sleep it would look like some freaky oversized iPhone).

The music is a strange mix of europop, Country and showtunes. Phantom of the Opera plays as the barman bows his head, hands my card back to me with both hands and tells me it’s no good. We finally work out that it’s the PIN which isn’t as common in Asia. I get back to my beer – it’s cold, fizzy and although usually i’d not drink it –  it’s a real treat.

I wander from the bar aimlessly through tyhe airport. For most if you don’t want to shiop whatelse is there to do? Well you can’t say it of most airports but here you can go the butterfly house or sit and watch the Koya Carp… or is this another figment of a brain screaming for sleep and for gods sake no more birdwatching films.

Ok… onto the next flight leg.


In Transit: Tiger Signature Bar