The Parcel Yard, Kings Cross

A weekend of serious beer activities await me in Leeds at EBBC, so it seems only right that It starts with a visit to a pub rather than a a soggy roll from Whistlestop. At Kings Cross there’s only one choice for me and that’s The Parcel Yard. Fullers newest pub is the biggest station pub in the country and I’m hoping that it is a worthy addition to the all new Kings Cross.


I have a funny relationship with station pubs as apart from a few exceptions I find them exceptionally bad – little more than waiting rooms with a bar. Divided into various rooms and partitioned areas The Parcel Yard may draw this parallel but it provides an interesting interior in which you can cosset yourself, away from the hum of the concourse. It’s not even nine and although there are a few pints and halves around me it’s a coffee and a breakfast butty to sustain me on the trip to Leeds. Service is efficient, friendly and with a smile – I could already be in Leeds. The butty is a winner – good sausage & bacon, butter and bread. The fact that it is so reasonably priced for the surrounds is an added bonus.

It’s a short visit but The Parcel Yard is one that I’ll definitely return to time and time again, regardless of whether I’ve got a train to catch or not. I can see the potential for many missed trains with a station pub this good.

The Parcel Yard, Kings Cross Station, N1


The Parcel Yard, Kings Cross

Sourced Market: St Pancras International

I’ve had too many train journeys preceded by a swift pint in a questionable station pub and an irradiated pasty. The kind microwaved to a temperature which leaves it welded to the roof of your mouth for the duration of the journey. Sourced Market at St Pancras bucks the trend with a choice to please the travelling foodie and beer lover alike.

I love the Eurostar but they don’t differ much to the standard UK intercity services when it comes to the buffet which I always fund disappointing, so this is where Sourced Market steps in. The concourse at St Pancras isn’t short of choice but who can resist locally sourced, seasonal produce?


Well ok, you may think this is ten a penny these days but i defy you to resist the gourmet scotch eggs (my choice being the black pudding variety with a red onion potato salad for the illusion of some balance), sausage rolls and pork pies. Add a selection of beers to drink in or out and you’ve got a reason to get to the station that little bit earlier.

Sourced Market, St Pancras International, Station Concourse

Sourced Market: St Pancras International