Q&A Stevie Caldarola: Ladies of Craft Beer / GBGH Brewing

This week we throw the Q&A open to NYC based Stevie Caldarola of Ladies of Craft Beer and GBGH Brewing

What’s most likely to be heard on brewday or when writing?

Honestly? The Brewing Network is the big one, followed by Doctor Who Episodes or Radio Free Skaro, a Doctor Who Podcast. (For both writing and brewdays)

Favourite place to enjoy a beer?

My favorite place to enjoy a beer is anywhere I’m having a beer. I’m lucky enough to get a lot of great beer at home, which is awesome, but nothing beats having some great craft beer with amazing friends.

If I weren’t in beer I’d be…

not me. I was pretty lost and unhappy until I found brewing and craft beer.

What’s your definition of a perfect pub?

Any place with a large selection of craft beer on tap and a friendly atmosphere.Living in NYC, there are a LOT of bars around, which means a lot of choices. I hate getting to a bar that may have an interesting selection of beer but is almost uncomfortable to sit in. A great example of a bar that has everything going right for them here in NYC would be Barcade Brooklyn.  Their biggest issue is that the location is in somewhat remote Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Other than that- they have a tap list of 24 taps (and 1 cask) which creates the ability for a pretty wide selection. They also have a pretty quick turnover rate, which means different choices. The best part? It’s in a large warehouse-style room so there’s plenty of room and the walls are lined with 8-bit arcade games. They don’t have a kitchen but ask the bartender and he’ll give you their binder full of local take-out menus, which you can order from and have delivered to the bar. Sometimes the crowd can be a bit annoying (it is Williamsburg) but the atmosphere is really kick ass. I guess what I’m trying to say is a perfect pub is someplace with a great craft beer selection and a place that I can feel comfortable in.

What’s your idea of Beer or Pub hell?

I see it a lot in New York City, actually- no craft beer. Enough said.

What was the last thing you got excited about?

I’d have to say the last thing I got really excited about was my first ever batch of home brew. It’s a Belgian Black IPA that came out even better than I ever could have hoped for. That feeling is something that I cannot even put into words- toiling over the brew pot to create something so delicious and appealing. I fell in love with brewing that day, and I haven’t looked back since.

Whats happening?

Lee Williams of Hoptopia and I are working on starting a brewery called GBGH Brewing, after my brewing motto, which is “Go Big or Go Home” (hence, Belgian Black IPA for my first ever homebrew). We will be focusing on big and different brews and documenting our journey on Facebook and Twitter. Ladies of Craft Beer is still in full force and growing day by day- thanks to all our awesome supporters and fans out there! Honestly, I just look forward to continuing on this path to making craft beer a part of my everyday life.

Coming up next on the Q&A is Yan Pilkington, of Pivovar..

Q&A Stevie Caldarola: Ladies of Craft Beer / GBGH Brewing