Life, the Universe and Beer

From the delirium of my mid transit Singapore blog post I’m coming to you at 3am, awake, as everyone else is sound asleep.

I’m sat on an observation deck, looking out across the blackness, the Southern Ocean in the distance, above me the Southern Cross and a chalky haze, smudged across the sky. Our host A, casually told me earlier that it was the Milky Way; as I looked up open mouthed in awe. I feel that I should be writing about the meaning of life rather than beer.

Having arrived on Sunday I seemed to have slipped into the Perth way of doing things seamlessly. Barbecues and meat pie have been consumed with the promise of more to come and with 5 days “down South” the obligatory visit to the bottleshop. A case of Little Creatures Pale Ale is a given. It’s easily in my top 5. If there is a beer that takes me back to good times it’s this.



Looking at the fridges we also go for some Gage Roads Atomic. Another Perth brewer, based in Palmyra, I’ve had their Wahoo and Sleeping Giant the day before at a welcome lunch and I’m eager to try more of their offering. This American style Pale Ale sits well between the Kolsch (Wahoo) and the IPA (Sleeping Giant) on their roster and stands up well to the Little Creatures. I would do more of a considered comparison but the 6 pack got polished off hours ago. As we stood around the chopping block eating bread, olives and dukka it gets the seal of approval from the soon to be inlaws. I have a small sense of accomplishment that I’ve introduced J & A to something distinctly Perth in origin. Granted it’s not quite the Milky Way but one small step for this pomme.

Life, the Universe and Beer