Ok folks, turn away now if you’re irritated by trumpet blowing, gloating and oh how great is this type posts… in equal measures this may be it. To the rest of you, check this out it’s great. I’ve written here qute a bit about the journey I’ve taken over the past 4 or 5 years. I started writing as a way to flex my brain in more than corporate thoughts. It worked, as all these years later I’m writing for a living and beyond that working with great people to produce things like the Perth series I’ve been posting over the last week or so. This one you may have guessed is quite close to my heart… it’s about BEER!

Hope it made you thirsty, or craving a trip to W.A. If it did and you love craft beer, do me a favour and share this one… you know it makes sense.



When I first came to Perth, about 4 years ago, there was a feeling that a shift was underway in the city. Not just in eating and drinking, but across the arts and the mindset of the people. I’d hear comparison to other cities; a sign of a wannabee if ever there was one. I’d also hear plenty of trash being talked about a place that I fell in love with. It’s always the way that you can knock your own city, but woe betide an outsider who tries. Fast forward to 2014 and Perth is a different place in my mind. I’m now a resident, passionate about telling those who’ll listen about this sparky city sat alone on the side of a huge continent. The mindset is different. I don’t hear the comparisons as much anymore. i still hear bitching (sometimes from myself) but that too has subsided. Perth isn’t the wannabee. It’s arrived; recognised by the likes of the New York Times as a must see destination. Carving it’s own place without comparison, there’s things afoot.

So, I feel privileged to be part of a team that is bringing positive stories about Perth to the fore. I posted #RottnestLobster the other week. Now I’m posting #EatPerth, produced by Offshoot Creative for Tourism WA, it features Rich Keam, a winner of Best Jobs in the World and our very own Taste Master WA.

Rich’s guide is Laura Moseley. It’s difficult to describe Laura, but lets’s just say she’s an elegant, effortless, eating machine. I’m sure she’ll hate that description and I’m also sure it doesn’t quite explain the dynamo quality she posseses. Anyhow, that’s enough gushing… enjoy a view of Perth and see you soon for a Danny Zuccho.



The week before Christmas, while most were panic buying those last presents, getting sloshed at the works do and generally winding down, I was having an altogether different experience. We’ve been making some short food films with Rich Keam, who as part of Tourism Australia’s Best Jobs in the World, won the prize position as Taste Master WA. He’s been eating and drinking his way around Western Australia, for nearly 6 months now. If he wasn’t a fellow Englishman, sporter of a Beard and jolly good chap I could take a dislike to him purely on the grounds of envy. But luckily we (Offshoot Creative) were along for part of the ride. In the first of four Rich heads to Rottnest Island, off the coast of Perth. Guided by Kiren Mainwaring, one of W.A’s top chefs  they’re on a mission to catch, cook and eat what the locals call Crayfish (AKA Western Rock Lobster). Enjoy!

You can catch up with Rich’s adventure at his blog. On Twitter @richkeam or Instagram @tastemaster_wa


The Stanley, 294 Cambridge Street, Wembley, Perth

The small bars of Perth are the closest thing for me to the pubs I love back home. Characterful, independent and not a bottleshop or TAB in sight. The Stanley in Wembley typifies what I like. It’s mismatched chic and indie soundtrack are perfect for Sunday drinking. If we didn’t have dinner plans the option of a Flipside burger delivered from next door would take the edge off working through their small but well formed beer list.


The bottled choice seems more interesting to me than the German draught option and by far the highlight is the Endeavour 2011 Reserve Amber Ale.


It’s described as “rich and full with slightly toasted caramel and spiced resinous aromas that combine with sweet brooding dark fruits to deliver a layered and complex bouquet… The palate is malt driven and full bodied. Layered with herbs, cinnamon and a warm earthiness, it is balanced by assertive bitterness and fine minerality. Complex and refreshing, herbal, whilst still retaining the citrus and passionfruit acidity”… And my verdict? Yeah what they said.

The background of Endeavour seems to be mainly wine based which in a country with such an industry you can see the natural move that people would take from grape to grain.

The experience of drinking beer at The Stanley is more akin to a winery as well with the stemless wine glasses making me savour not swill. On my returns to Perth it will be a regular haunt I’m sure.

The Stanley, 294 Cambridge Street, Wembley, Perth

Q&A: Matt Marinich of Sail & Anchor, Fremantle

In a first for The Pub Diaries we caught up with Matt Marinich of Fremantle’s Sail & Anchor for a quick Q&A.

What’s most likely to be overheard in the pub?

“I can’t choose, there are too many beers!” I like when I hear a customer say this, its rewarding. With 43 beers taps with 26 different beers running
through them, I like to spoil the beer geek in everyone.

Favourite place to enjoy a beer?

Short of my own haunt, Monk Brewery and Kitchen is about 30m across the road. Great Rauchbier, superb Kolsch and a 6.2% Hibiscus Wheat beer with serious flavour. I worked with the Head Brewer Justin Fox at the Sail back in the day.
If I wasn’t running a pub I’d be…

a commercial brewer. I am an avid home brewer and massive beer geek so I would get certified and would love it.

What’s your definition of a perfect pub?

Tough question…a venue with solid examples of beer styles on tap and in package, not just random beers for the sake of it. Simple offerings, nothing over the top; genuine customer service from staff who really care about the beer.

What’s your vision of Pub hell?

I had a nightmare once that all I could order at this pub was XXXX Gold. It really disturbed me. I woke to realise no one is that mean.

What was the last thing you got excited about?

Becoming BJCP certified. Currently studying with random brewers/beer judges whenever I can. I will be associate judging at this years Perth Royal Beer Show. Secondly, I’m pretty proud of my organisation/execution of FEBREWARY. Also, the Sail and Anchor being voted “BEST BEER VENUE 150PAX+ IN WA.”

What’s happening? Future projects, hopes etc.


Amateur Brewing Competition will see an old school favourite be welcomed back to the taps. Moreover, the chance for some talented Aussie home brewers to shine. FEBREWARY
Pouring in Febrewary will be a total of 42 beers from:

Rogue (US), Southern Tier (US),

Mikkeller (DEN), Nogne-O (NOR), Dupont (BEL), Lindemans (BEL), BOCQ (BEL), Weinhenstephan (GER), Sunner (GER), Weltonburger Kloster (GER), and Brew Dog (Scot).

Epic (NZ), Renaissance (NZ), 8 Wired(NZ)

For some of these beers it will be the first time they have been poured in WA

Sail & Anchor, 64 South Tce, Fremantle, Western Australia, 6160

Q&A: Matt Marinich of Sail & Anchor, Fremantle